Few weeks ago a much awaited intergovernmental deal was finally inked between India and France for acquisition of 36 Rafale fighters. The deal costs 7.8 billion euros or about 58,000 crore INDIAN RS. The negotiations for the deal started about 18 months ago when PM MODI visited France and started this intergovernmental deal for acquisition of 36 fighters. The initial price which France was asking for was 12 billion euros  which India side after negotiations bought down to 7.8 billion euros, and saved about 4.2 billion euros or around some 30,000 crore Indian rupees.

After this deal was signed a lot of posts were seen floating on social media and I too came across many posts which claimed that it's some kind of SCAM and the fighters are being bought at very very high rates. Some posts by experts suggested that the cost of single Rafale is around 700 crore rupees but MODI govt is buying it at price more than double of that at around 1600 crore rupees and that some corruption is done in this deal. The facts which were presented to back the claims were that the original MMRCA deal which had a price tag of 12 billion (some 80000 crore rs) euros would have acquired 126 rafale jets, but the same Rafale is now being bought for 8 billion euros (58,000 crore rupees). In this post I will basically break through the layers of the deal and explain the difference between two deals.


 The original MMRCA deal was originally supposed to give IAF 126 Rafale jets with a price of 12 billion US$ when the selection was done but as the deal progressed Dassault the manufacturer not only claimed that the total price would be more stating that since the tender was done the price of fighters has increased. By January 2014 it was reported that cost has escalated by more than 100% of the original proposed cost and now the deal would cost alarming 28 billion dollars or more.

They also had issues with the terms of Transfer Of Technology (TOT) and also with the offset clause according to which rafale had to invest 50% of the deal money back in India. They also refused to take guarantee of the 108 fighters which were supposed to be manufactured by HAL in INDIA.

On 31 July 2015, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar stated in Rajya Sabha that the deal for 126 MMRCA was officially withdrawn by the government .


The new deal is completely different from the old deal, this new deal has a lot of new conditions added to it. The original deal was just for purchase of 126 fighters at price of 12 billion dollars(later claimed to be more than 28 billion dollars), but the new deal is not just about the fighter but also provides the following advantages

  • The new deal has a provision for complete TOT or transfer of technology. With this we will be able to get the much needed Engine and AESA Radar tech which INDIA desperately needed. India is fully capable of making indigenous jets like TEJAS but still faces issues with jet engine technology. 

  • The deal also includes a weapons package which will give INDIA access to METEOR BVR missile which has range of over 150 kms and SCALP(Storm Shadow) cruise missile which has range of over 550 kms. This will be a force multiplier for IAF and will give IAF unprecedented capabilities.

  • Dassault will not just provide the jets in flyaway condition but will also tailor the jets according to the needs of Indian Air Force. The planes will have Israeli Helmet Mounted displays and a radar warning receivers.

  • French are also guaranteeing that the fleet will be atleast 75% available at all times. IAF fleet of fighters have struggled with spares and even our main fighter SU 30 MKI acc to CAG has availability of less than 60 % which IAF now claims is above 65 %.

  • A batch Indian Air Force pilots and technicians will also get free training in FRANCE.

  • The offset clause is of 50% so 3.9 billion Euros nearly will be invested back in small and large firms and this will not just give us technology but will also create jobs within India.

  •  Also not to forget that Rafale is a NUCLEAR CAPABLE PLATFORM which means it can deliver nukes. A lot of people are unaware of facts that not all jets can deliver nukes because the electronic circuits of such jets has to be specially made or the delivery will roast the circuits of the fighter delivering them. Some SO CALLED EXPERTS SAID that we could have bought 2 to 3 SU 30 MKI for same price but people don't know that if we make special Sukhoi's for nuke delivery this will increase the cost of each jet by multiple times which make it even less feasible option.

  •  The deal also accounts for inflation cost of about 3 to 3.5 % whereas the original inflation which was considered was about 4.5 to 5% per annum.



  • If you see the price break-up of the Rafale deal of just the 36 aircraft is about 3.42 billion Euros.
  •  The armaments cost about 710 million Euros.
  •  Indian specific changes, including integration of Israeli helmet-mounted displays, will cost 1.7 Billion Euros.
  •  Associate supplies for the 36 fighter jets will cost about 1.8 Billion Euros 
  • Performance based logistics will cost about 353 million Euros.




  1. Dear Hitesh,
    What all technologies are we getting alongwith Rafael jets...
    I kanow about Kaveri engine support and AESA Radars. Are we also going to get the technology of METEOR BVR and SCALP? Thanks for informative blog.

    1. It's RAFALE. Rafael is an Israeli company that builds mostly missiles.

  2. Most probably we will get the source code of the missiles and the missiles in number .... We won't get the licence to produce them though but even then we actually never really manufactured R73 and R77 too .....but yeah we will get source code so we will be able to integrate it with weapons like su 30mki and Tejas ......

    1. you said most probebly ... they wont give anything. actually rafale deal is not worth it at all . apparently the real figure of the coast is not declared yet.we had better engineers( may be the best in the world) we developed our own missiles , and still we are saying we need other countries technology to copy , or follow. dont you think its a crazy thing? the rafale deal is just business oriented . you may be miss these articles,

      one more question is what excatly they have in rafale for that 100 million price tag? one AESA RADAR?? or RADAR cross cection? our MKI is way far better than rafale. we even beat typhoon in indra danush exercise, we should have choose typhoon instead of rafale. atleast typhoon is very agile fighter.

    2. Nope full TOT is part of deal the full article .......

      Btw what guys don't understand is R&D takes lot of money and time ....... Btw about the 100 million dollar price tag u shld know it comes with full TOT and also is a nuclear capable platform .......nuclear capable jets have circuits which are strengthened to keep jets safe when they drop Nukes as radiation would burn a normal circuit ......even if u buy a SU 30 MKI which is made specially for nuclear capability the price tag wld automatically double and become about 120 million dollars ......

      Also agreed mki is better than Rafael but it will have better serviceability than mki ( more than 75% guaranteed ) and the technology we will gain will be implemented on our own jets ......

      Overall this deal is benefiting IAF and DRDO in many ways so it's good enough.We won't buy more Rafale that's a surety .......

    3. our MKI is way far better than rafale. we even beat typhoon in indra danush exercise, we should have choose typhoon instead of rafale. atleast typhoon is very agile fighter. "
      => Rafale confronted to Typhoon in drills :
      1. Slightly degraded capability : 4:0
      2. More degraded capabilities : 4:1
      3. Full range capabilities during combat drills : 37:1
      Rafale has devastated al Flanker versions during drills, actually, all had the same results including a total humiliation of F-22 at ATLC2009. Rafale isn't invited anymore to Red-Flag and Green-Flag in order to not spoil the sales of F-35, Typhoon and Gripen.
      => Typhoon is LESS agile than Rafale. Lookk at ANY air show : you'll NEVER see a Typhoon doing 10.5 or 11G manoeuvres :grin:
      With new M88-9 engines, Rafale even ends to beat Typhoon on the sole point Typhoon was better : it used to fly a little faster. Vectoring thrust will be available as an option in 2018. Former engines can be upgraded to new standards.

      "one AESA RADAR??"
      => Not only AESA. Former (now obsolete) EO/IRST could already lock a subsonic F-22 from 95km/front and 135-145km/rear and if flying Mach 1.7, F-22 is locked from 270-285km/front, 430-450km/rear

      "is what excatly they have in rafale for that 100 million price tag?"
      => It can already use the nEUROn combat drone (prototypes) as a squadron, normally piloted by the WSO in the dual-seat version and there is a company building a 12t satellite launcher that can launch small sats up to a 800km orbit for a 158kg payload and more to lower orbits. More than what you need to consider it may soon launch ASATs, a MIRV warhead, Goldeneye, a re-entry vehicle for some AAM or guided bomb or consider a 'Thor hammer' AKA PGS (prompt global strike), in other terms, kinetic tungsten rods shot from orbit.
      I won't say Rafale can have some µ-waves gun as anything related to direct energy weapons is classified in my country so I can't say such things exist ;)

      " or RADAR cross cection?"
      => RCS, except from fron, is on par with F-22 : 0.1-0.3m² BUT first, these are baked-in radar absorbent materials : no need to use stealth-coating, then they also work in other bands than X and S where F-22, F-35, J-20 or J-31 aren't stealth at all
      Moreover, Rafale has an active stealth system that simply CANCELS radar waves, so it's even useless to have internal weapon bays. Rafale's tail is simply radar transparent.
      To give you an idea, a S-300/400 battery's L-band radar locks a F-22 from 240km. AFAIK, Rafale can approach as close as 10-12km, in other terms, fly OVER without being detected (!!!).
      Rafale ECM also allows to project about 200 "ghost" radar images, thus saturating any radar screen. When they used it against the Brit Typhoons during drills, Brits went totally bonkers! No need for Typhoon's towed decoy.
      ECM allows (or will allow very soon) to blind IR missiles with a laser.

      In Dec.2015, French govt unclassified the fact that Rafale wasn't a Gen.4.5 aircraft but a stealth fighter. This was confirmed by air-marshall SB Deo in Dec.2016 when he was questioned about Chengdu J-20. Knowing that J-20 and J-31 come from Hacked LockMart technology, you can be pretty confident in your new fighter.

  3. A under informed and amateurish post. No country will ever give u access to AESA and missile tech for such a cheap low price. The radars will be black boxes and the missiles in limited quantity.

    Only kids will assume India is getting a good deal. I guess kids like you have little real world military knowledge. Stop pretending you know a lot. You dont.

    1. Well sorry to disappoint u my wannabe Singaporean friend ( we know u r paki, we have had lot of debates which u never back up) but to disappoint u we have already started on revival of Kaveri engine with SNECMA via offset and within 18 months they have offered to complete the engine in which they say they need to do only 20% additional work to be combat ready.

      As far as AESA tech goes India already has developed an AESA radar for our fighter jets which is called UTTAM AESA. Also we have developed an AESA tech as we needed for our AEW&CS too which we inducted.

      I will also mention the next gen AESA tech which we r being offered by Saab but that's for my next post so stay updated.

      * Also we r getting one Rafale for about the price they sell it to their own airforce nearly so it's no loss for us as even a nuclear capable su 30 MKI costs us 100-120 million $.

    2. Sorry to disappoint your Indian boy.

      Kaveri = dead
      AESA = Not operational (probably dead)

      Theres no next gen. Its all COTS.

      India is getting used to being ripped off... thats a real bad sign.

    3. "Kaveri = dead"
      => Safran (SNECMA) has a serious offset through the Rafale contract. They've been putt in full charge which won't be a problem as... They already have what Kaveri is supposed to be! Due to the offset, you're likely to see a Safran engine plant in India soon!

      "AESA = Not operational (probably dead)"
      => Why do you think there is a gigantic €3.9bln offset on a contract with only 36 Rafales? Dassault, Safran and Thales are Rafale's builders.
      There are already talks for a 2nd batch of 36. Dassault is willing to install a factory in India for at least 2 decades. There are rumours of HAL privatisation too and... Mirage-2000 assembly line was already Rafale-compatible but as export orders were long to come, the line was dismantled and... stored. Dassault's CEO said recently : "we're 100% OK to move in India, but we need more orders". Now, will Dassault, with French govt help, will i.e. buy 49% of HAL while Indian state keeps the majority? Or 51%? Or build their own factory? Maybe nothing will happen but...
      Indian govt wants an independent defence industry on par with USA, Russia and China. 2 of its neighbours are not pretty friendly and would surely had invaded if India hadn't some nukes.
      France is willing to keep its independence at least for the most strategic assets (aircraft, nuke power), thus, R&D is more and more expensive and being the sole in the EU to use aircraft-carriers, other countries that were partners in Eurofighter didn't wanted a multirole aircraft with carrier capability but a pure air-superiority fighter, considering sparing money (well, it's actually BAe that pushed MBB this way and they proposed the same TKF90 MBB proposed but with dual tail), thus, Dassault pulled out and did Rafale which the famous Catia CAD was created especially for. Rafale comes from years of study in aerodynamics. The funniest is that Rafale ends being cheaper and a better air-superiority thing than Typhoon and with nothing to envy to F-22 or last Sukhoi, except that maybe should we consider a powerful L-band radar in a pod (or put systems in the air-frame and antenna around a drop-tank or on conformals? :lol:

      ANYWAY : put your radar on in a combat zone and... Get killed! Never heard about anti-radiation missiles? And do not forget : if you lock you're radar, even with a narrow beam to avoid detection, you're not stealth anymore, the target sees you too! Another point is that if your radar's range is 250km, your waves can be detected from at least 500km but more likely 750-1000km!
      In other terms, in combat, you rely on EO/IRST and passive radar. I have no details about Rafale's AESA, especially in passive mode but all I can tell you is that we have a land based radar named Nostradamus that detects B-2, F-117 or F-22 from +3000km and the Ariane space rocket from +6000km (!). Another point is that, although US/Chinese stealths are very stealth in X-band, 2-3 X-band radars can detect them with accuracy by data fusion and AI since around 1993-94 : I personally know the guy who dev'd the AI algorithm...
      In other terms, but now it depends on Indians, what is likely to happen is putting our R&D and jet-fighter purchases in common... And remember that the 1960 Gerboise Bleue nuke test didn't made a single nuclear power but two : France and... Israel.

    4. Mate u r trying to explain to an ill-informed wannabe Singaporean piggy boy( he is a big fan of mine 😝).

      And disappointing my Singaporean friend one more time it's not just SNECMA which is working with DRDO for Kaveri K9 now, we also have come to know about another engine which is under development with RR( not much is public but this news is via British sources and even public now)

    5. "Mate u r trying to explain to an ill-informed wannabe Singaporean piggy boy"
      =>OMG! Thus, if he can send me a ST-Kinetics CPW customised for .25garin. The problem being to have it through the customs :lol: But gosh, the most Orwellian state on Earth where everything fun is banned, poor guy! I'd probably prefer to live in N-Korea than there :lol:

      "SNECMA which is working with DRDO for Kaveri K9"
      =>K9, canine? :lol:

    6. Sorry Indians. This will just be another time that India is being cheated. We will never see a Tejas operational and useful with a indigenous engine. Its just a pipedream.

      Indians never learn their lesson. ITs just sad that you two believe in crap that the state throws out. Sad sad indian noobs.

    7. sorry my singaporean piggy mate but tejas is operational inn IOC mk1 config atm

      well as for engine its better to wait till 2018 as I dont really want to argue with a dillusional squealing pig on moon

    8. Sorry Indian curry mate. IOC is nothing. Tejas failed FOC repeatedly and has no BVR cap. 2028 for engines?

      The delusional squealing curry indian boy cant hold up his head. All lies.

    9. Sorry to disappoint u so many times Singaporean piggy.

    10. Sorry Pigmoon K9 (Pig+Canine = Schweinhund, like my German neighbours would say).
      You have it ALL wrong!
      Why? Because Dassault is really willing to install in India for decades!!!
      Now we have common needs with India for our gear : we both are into aircraft carriers, both are nuke powers and with global goals, not counting that India will soon be UNSC permanent member.
      Nonetheless we consider Dassault+Safran to really install in India but also to buold CATOBAR aircraft carriers together.
      Actually, but it'll also depend on PM Modi, the most wishable thing would be HAL and Dassault getting married! As Airbus fucked Boeing, this group will fuck LockMart and BAe, maybe even Northrop too.
      Add to this that due to its price and if such marriage was to be made, Tejas Mk1A would simply become a single engined Rafale with the same stealth features. Tejas may not be fit for deep strike but better not try to enter an airspace with something so small with multiband radar stealth, IR stealth and being so small.
      Nonetheless, our Alpha Jets are in end of life cycle! Reuests for infos have been emitted. Well, due to EU priority, we have to favour EU companies but... Dassault-HAL becoming bi-national... Tejas-Trainer would be a perfect fit and also having full combat capability, will be enough for our African 'police' job.
      So, potentials of common Dassault/HAL job :
      - Rafale in 'Make in India'
      - Tejas Mk1A as a stealth jet fighter
      - Installing active stealth+long range IRST in Su-30MkI
      - finishing an Indian version of FGFA with serious improvement Sukhoi will never find.
      - stretching FGFA has a supersonic stealth bomber with payload+range on par with Tu-22M added with AWACS, A2A, MarPat, Arsenal and refueller capabilities
      - recreating the Bréguet 941 in a XXIst century version with 12t payload+8000L fuel. This baby was so STOL that fullyloaded, it'smore STOL than OV-22, moreover there are additional system that can make it airborne/land in 50-70m. A folding wing option would be delightful for our future jointly built aircraft carriers but also for our non-CATOBAR actual "flat tops"
      - Dassault is the bigger Thales shareholder so for radars etc...
      - Full access to EU market.
      Now, dear PigmoonK, Dassault analysed how HAL runs. Actually, they have VERY competent staff! They're just plagued by 2 points : bureaucracy and militaries changing requirements every 2 weeks. There are visibly collusions between some brasses, some companies and politicians taking advantages at importing gear. Just consider that Tata is a Lockheed proxy and LM is the most corrupted defense contractor on Earth, 2nd being BAe.

    11. Sorry Indian, failue after failure.

      Su30MKI pilots died for nothing. HAL sucks. COMPETENT? LOL!!!

      Weak HAL

      Weak India

      Stop killing indian pilots.

      Weak country.

  4. Hitesh Recently in the current Aero India 2017 it was learnt that the people from Dassault said that full TOT won't be possible until the IAF orders around 200 of them..

    1. Mate the tot we r getting is by offset ( as mentioned in brackets in post).

      The deal had a provision for offset of 50% so the 50% offset amount ( about 3.9 billion € ) will be used for obtaining technology.

      Like Kaveri engine is being revived and it is being worked upon with Snecma which will provide us with engine technology.
      Similarly other technology which we will be getting will also be via offset amount.

      Direct full TOT is not possible as for just 36 jets no firm will give u entire tech directly ad there is no way any1 will buy 200 Rafale jets ( we r going for Saab GRIPPEN E which is best for us).

    2. Good luck with Gripen-E : Brazil paid €1.3bln more than India for Rafale but... Brazil gets only 28 units. :grin:
      Moreover, Gripen has NO interest if you have Tejas, especially with a M88-9 engine :grin: Actually, Tejas has MUCH more potential than Gripen, including selling the trainer version to the French as their trainers are near the end :grin:
      Gripen is no better than some upgraded F-16 or Mirage-2000.

    3. Tejas has little or zero intereste outside india. No one will buy a lemon. Its obsolete and useless.

      Only indians are forced to do it.

    4. Yeah I know Brazil overpaid for it but they even got an entire aerospace ecosystem for it in exchange too and they shared a part of development cost.

      Yes Tejas has much more potential and it is developing to be a great fighter at great cost ( mk1a cost about 40 million $ )

      As for our pigmoon buddy no worries about our Tejas mate, we have about 123 on order with mk2 orders awaited after demonstration so I really don't think we need more intrest from other nations ( also no nation in S.A will buy or get mk2 and most probably will try for MK1 version only)

    5. "Direct full TOT is not possible as for just 36 jets no firm will give u entire tech directly ad there is no way any1 will buy 200 Rafale jets ( we r going for Saab GRIPPEN E which is best for us)."
      =>>> With a €3.9bln offset, not counting so much investment in upgrades, modifications, infrastructure, simulators, training etc for Rafales, not going further means Modi is good for the lunatic asylum and I don't think he is. It's not even a contract with Dassault but between the 2 countries. What is sought is a long term strategic partnership.
      Gripen-E doesn't even flies and what is sought is a medium weight dual engine aircraft to replace the 145 Jaguars and the 89 Mig-27 that will begin to be phased out in 2019 and there are already rumours of a 2nd 36 batch on the table. Tne Navy tender is for 57 dual engines aircraft. With the troublesome Mig-29K -and IN already wanted Rafale-M when they were ordered-, I don't think they're ready for more. Super-Hornet is 15% more expensive than Rafale and much less efficient, not counting that you also need Growlers for ECM purposes which are even more expensive, all this with less operational capability. Moreover, the IN competition says "only for operational aircraft". Sea-Gripen only exists on paper and is single engined and Modi has already instructed IN officers for +1 year to prepare the path to Rafale-M. If the 69 Mig-29 and 50 Mirage-2000 are being upgraded to last until 2030. This means 353 aircraft to replace in IAF and 57 needed for IN. IMHO, with IN, we're more likely to be around 300 Rafales than 200, maybe even ending replacing Flankers too, the older ending being sold to Argentina, African countries, etc...

    6. "Tejas has little or zero intereste outside india. No one will buy a lemon. Its obsolete and useless."
      "we r going for Saab GRIPPEN E which is best for us"
      =>>> Gripen-E for now is a paper plane! It NEVER flew! Now that Parrikar is out, be sure his MMRCA-II competition will disappear exactly as MMRCA-I was bypassed (anyway, if there are LockMart or BAe around, you always end with bribery scandals). IMHO, Modi already had talks with Dassault guys. I was able to find more from guys that are close to their personnel. So, again, Tejas has GREAT potentials but the GE F404 will never do it really and the Saab advising was to put a F414 in so yeah, it will make their soon to be Gripen-E attractive and mostly kill Tejas.
      Thus, as it is now, I think that postponing a little the Tejas full range production would be better, limiting this to a limited number of trainers.
      The thing to do is to really accelerate things to have Dassault really moving in India and be fully implied in Tejas building, maybe by doing the skin/tail : they already know how to do the platform meet all its goals.
      Well, it's a little more than changing the F404 for SNECMA M88-9 (preferably with vectoring thrust. Note that M88 has exhaust cooling to reduce IR signature) : the air intake will have to be revised (even in actual version as they're not great with shock wave), there will also be some structural changes (first, M88 is much smaller than F404) and there are other points to reconsider, nevertheless, no need for a stretched Mk2 so nearly no need for extensive flight tests etc. Add common avionics, active-stealth, sensors, etc and likely to lose weight too.
      As Gripen-E will only have its first flight this year, it'd take a while to make a Tejas Mk2 being only a Gen 4.5 fighter while, although there are structural mods to consider, Tejas already flies and aerodynamics won't change.

      Now, what our friend may not understand is if done this way, France has all her Alpha-Jet trainer in end of life-cycle. A Super-Tejas trainer, maybe with not all systems onboard, would be as great for France as for India moreover helping for logistics.

      Now, the best thing to do, waiting for the Super-Tejas, as the phasing out of Mig-21 will begin in 2019, is surely to get Mirage-2000s on the 2nd hand market and upgrade these with Rafale's systems which won't be lost when the ST enters service and even if refitted with the former M2k's system, they'd stay more potent than Mig-21 so will surely last up to 2030+. It's be a much better/cheaper interim solution than to field both a Gripen-E that still doesn't fly and a Tejas Mk1 that still needs the fine tunings I pointed.
      So, Tejas a Lemon? Hell, NO my dear Pigmoon! Once refined, it will be one of the two most dangerous aircraft on Earth with Rafale.

  5. Idk what went into IAF topgear minds when they say they need 400 single engine fighters ATM.

    150-200 via MMRCA II and rest Tejas

    As for retiring jags and mig 27 and all they r supposed to be replaced with AMCA and govt will place about 200 jet order for AMCA and order will go up ( now as FGFA is about dead because of Russian reluctance).

    They plan AMCA first flight by 2019-2020 and want Foc by 2025 when they plan on starting production and jags will still stay till 2030 minimum.

    I don't really think MMRCA II will exactly kill Tejas program as for what we have spent on Tejas we have ordered about 123 jets till now ( 40 MK1 and 83 MK1A ) and I expect another 7 MK1A atleast as they have ordered more radars (100 tender). I would really love to see GaN AESA onboard Tejas or AMCA coz that is a big yes yes for future aircraft.


  6. 150-200 via MMRCA II - 2030 ?

    and rest Tejas - Flying lemons?

    India should stop right now and build more toilets. Stop wasting money on war machines. Just improve the sanitation. It stinks and no one cares...

    I dont think Hitesh cares... he is self entitled and believes he is of a higher caste. Sad.

    1. MMRCA II deadline is not 2030 mate its 2017 for selection
      2030 is for retirement of jags mate

      dont worry about our toilets buddy when ur mouthis full of shit

      As for me being upper caste i really donnt believe that shit like rest 80-90% urban people here but rest assured i am surely better than a piggy on weed who thinnks he is on moon ;)

    2. LOL Its 2030. You cant even argue otherwise. A nation of corrupt and poor engineers. HAL cant produce anything.

      Go build some toilets. The shit is still flowing in the streets. Abolish the caste system. Bigots like you should be jailed.

    3. Kid u have no idea of half things u speak about. It's good to see u here anyways.

      U must also believe that earth is flat right?

    4. Thats because your indian curry boy brain cant match my intellect. Go build toilets please. The earth isnt made up of curry. Wake up

    5. Well I guess some Indian mate in Singapore shoved a bowl of curry up Ur ass, coz it is on fire

    6. LOL. curry brain go build some toilets. You are in need of more.

      Save lives. Dont warmonger and kill more IAF pilots due to stupidity.

  7. Sorry Kid Hitesh. You have no idea how bad it is in the real world. Tejas is already a big example of extreme corruption and indian failure. Stop kidding yourself.

    HAL CMI. The hard truth.

    1. Let's talk when Singapore becomes relevant to the world

    2. Singapore is VERY relevant as a typical mafia-state that became rich by becoming the biggest heroin trafficker in Asia. Oh don't get caught with dope in the country : mafia-state doesn't tolerates competition then will hang you. Oooops, I've dragged smth as secret as the KSA+Qatar funding of terrorism+Radical Islam funding ;-)

    3. LOL. Indians blabbering nonsense again. Your anti muslim and jealous nature surfaces the moment you are bashed and pawned. What a loser people.

      Go build toilets. Stop blabbering nonsense.

    4. Muhaha, I'm not Indian, I'm from the EU, you know, the #1 economic power and the #2 or #3 military power, it all depends if we count nukes or not.
      Actually, it's Muslim that, as it's written black on white in Surat 9, to either convert us to their 'religion', either racket us with their jizya or else have us killed. Other religions than Islam basicly don't give a fuck if you're not into their belief and at least, are not into killing people that don't agree about the existence of their imaginary friend. Let's face reality : when an Hinduist or Buddhist becomes a devout, he goes to a monastry or ashram and meditates for the rest of his life. When a christian becomes a devout, he becomes a missionary and moves in poor countries or poor areas to help people to suffer less. When a Muslim becomes a devout, he goes to war against all non-Muslims. In other terms, a good Muslim is a bad Muslim and, as said the most prominent cleric in Saudi-Barbaria, if Islam didn't sanctioned apostasy by death, there'd be no more Islam for centuries.
      I usually despise Churchill as he was a war-criminal, nevertheless, he perfectly understood Islam : it's to mankind what rabies is for dogs.

      And, BTW, anytime a Singaporean installs himself in the EU, cops keep a close watch on him : most of those who did so were here to build up an heroin-trafficking.
      Anyway, you can rant about India, they can make Singapore a radioactive parking lot any day if you mess with them, thus, I'd advise them to consider the French-bomb (AKA neutron-bomb) f they decided to do so : near no fallouts or damages but it kills everybody bigh intensive radiations. Well, death by irradiation is really horrible but fallouts sucks big league and doing so, you can get near all the enemy's real estate for free.

      In case you wouldn't know, my country is developing a strategic partnership with India. You may have noticed that before US took the relay, we already made Israel capable to defeat the full middle-east alone! We're also pushing to have India become permanent member of UNSC. There are 1.2bln people in India. Singapore is... Nothing! 721.1km² led by a mafia. Gosh, in the middle-ages, my family ruled a 23,000km² area. Even Julius Caesar, the Ummeyad Caliphate or Hitler weren't able to conquer our lands! Remember us how long Singapore stood against the Japs? Your pilots can't even train without coming in MY country. And what thanks had we about helping them? You bought crappy US aircraft or Rafales ridiculed in all tests and ridicule every day in operations. If things go SHTF and you think that by buying Murican, they'll come to rescue you, you are fucking dreaming! As General DeGaulle said, "Muricans have no friends, only interests".
      Yesterday they armed Pakis to fuck India and Afghanistan, today they want to arm India to fuck China. Tomorrow they'll push YOU into blockading the Chinese from going across the Malacca strait, the Chinese will turn a key, push just one button and you'll be history.

  8. Lets talk when you decide to build more toilets in india instead of warmongering.

    The streets stink of indian defecation. Get off your high horse indian boy. :)

    1. Sorry for breaking Ur heart one more time u half Chinese-made paki wannabe Singaporean piggy but we already are a nation in S.Aisa which has achieved more than the target rate for reduction in open defecation. In 2014 we made an aim to build millions of toilets and we have done better than what we aimed.
      Our govt is working hard and we r growing at supersonic speed when compared to most nations ( what's ur growth rate ? 2%).

      India is set to be open defecation free by 2020. As for Ur puny city it's not even relevant when u compare it to a giant nation mate.

    2. Hey, PigmoonK, do you know that India signed with Singapore's ministry of agriculture? C-17s will be used to fertilise Singapore thus opening bio-agriculture! The defecations of 1.2 billion Indians will be air-dropped on your head! Singapore is already nicknamed the septic tank for India.

  9. Dayummm..! �� These piggies don't have no self respect. Blabbering about shit and can't even accept accepted he truth. God rest their *errqerratictic* soul in peace.! �� ��

  10. My bad... Facts would be more appropriate than "truth" 😜

  11. Sometimes Indians need to learn humility. Shameless nationalism is the downfall of any nation.

    You cant even keep your jets flying. Stop warmongering. Build more toilets. Alleviate poverty. Stop the stink

    1. "Humility is nothing else than the worst form of vanity"-La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

    2. When India is begging for help from so many countries, humility is the best policy.

      When the toilets are in the streets, it pays to be humble. Indian pride is worthless.

    3. They're not begging. They do business. And their economy is sky-rocketing. They can be proud : they're a great country, even if there are issues. They have cities for 4500 years while, in 1836, there were merely 1000ppl living in Singapore.
      The Indian culture is a huge portion of world's cultural heritage and most of all the science has its roots in India. What Singapore stands for in this domain with its mere 52 years of existence?

      Now SG sucks so much that in order to drive your car, you'll have to pay around $75k to be allowed to drive it!
      Typical of Brit-created racket/money-laundering/slush-fund mafia-held micro-state which went directly from the 3rd to the 1st world, thanks to heroin trafficking.


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