Yesterday the Ministry Of Defence MOD has cleared 82000 Crore RS for acquisition of various defence equipments and defence deals. This will give boost to Indian Armed Forces (IA,IN&IAF)

The Defence Acquisition Council led by Defence Minister Mr.Manohar Parrikar cleared proposals for various equipments including jets, tanks, attack helicopters, mini UAV and these together cost about 82 000 crore RS.

Lets have a look on what we got for this price and lets break the deal.

1. 83 TEJAS MK1A

Tejas in the second indigenous fighter developed by India following hal MARUT.

These Tejas MK1A will be most probably given to IAF as Indian Navy wants tejas MK 2 variant which will have a more powerful GE F 414 ENGINE which makes it more capable and suitable for carrier borne operations.

 to know more about tejas see following

 2. 464 T 90 MS TANKS - Although India already manufactures T 90 BHISHMA which is INDIA TAILORED VERSION OF T 90 S/M but now Indian Army is acquiring 464 T-90 MS which is the latest and most advanced version of T 90 tank.

These have additional protection, capability to carry more rounds and better ergonomics. 


MOD has cleared purchase of 15 HAL LCH for both army and airforce. 

Out of these 15, 10 will be given to IA and 5 to IAF. HAL LCH is the only attack helicopter in world which can operate at region like SIACHEN with a considerable weapons payload.

 4. 6 More regiments of PINAKA MLRS-

These 6 regiments are addition to the already cleared 4 regiments of Pinaka MLRS. Pinaka is one of the most successful projects of DRDO.

Each regiment has 3 batteries of pinaka and each battery consists of 6 launcher vehicles with 72 rockets (12 in each), replenishment vehicles and reserves.

 This means MOD has cleared about 108 pinakas excluding the already existing ones. 

Pinaka MKII with range of 60+ kms  were successfully tested some time back so I guess these are the ones being ordered now.

 5. Nearly 600 mini UAV drones under "BUY INDIAN" CATEGORY -

These are small drones which a soldier can easily carry with him in his backpack. These usually have a forward operating range of 5 to 8 kms.

This acquisition will boost the capabilities of Indian ground forces and will also boost MAKE IN INDIA.

Along with these the deal to acquire the M777 Ultra light artillery guns is also in final stages and the deal can be inked anytime now. These guns will be used in border areas near China.