Indian Army gets modern helmets


After years of delay army has ordered modern helmets which are comparatively lighter and more provide protection to the soldiers.

The helmet which are being used currently were old design from 70 or 80 and they were very heavy and weighted around 2 to 2.5 kgs. The protection provided by those helmets is not adequate and their weight is not just a hindrance but can also compromise the security of the operator as it often causes problems during operations.

The new helmet also have a trauma protection padding as it's not always the bullet which kills a Soldier but mostly it's the trauma caused by the impact which often proves to be lethal. The helmet of the unit commander will also be equipped with integrated communication equipment.

It is also possible to mount various types of equipment on these helmets like night sight, IR sight and other optical sights along with composite glass shields etc which enhance the capability of our soldiers.

Army plans to equip each and every soldier with world class helmets which are capable of withstanding 9mm round shot at very near range.

What gives me more pride is that the order is bagged by an Indian firm, Kanpur based MKU which is world leader in body armour and order worth is about 180 crore Rupees.

This is the first major order from Indian army and deliveries are expected to start soon as MKU is about to start the production to fulfill IA order. Follow on orders are also expected as army wants to equip all our soldiers with these helmets.

Any amount of money which is spent on the security of the nation is just a small investment and we must not hold back when it comes to ensuring the security of the people who ensure the security of our country.


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    1. Ty sir, yes more posts are coming soon. Do follow us to stay updated with latest posts.

      Hitesh Adhikari

  2. I hope it offers Level III protection and not the habitual Level IIIA (Level IIIA protection : all pistol bullets up to .44 magnum. Even the .30carbine from a WW2 US-M1 pierces through. Level III : 5.56NATO, 7.62x39ru, 5.45x39ru and up to 750m/s, .308NATO and 7.62x54ru. AP bullets not included).
    To my knowledge, only 2 Level-III helmets are fielded from US manufacturers since 2015 or 2014.
    Actually, most of lethal head-wounds come from shrapnel, a riffle bullet in a helmet : if you're lucky, you have a ricochet but most of the time...

    1. I don't think there is any helmet in world which can protect from a big caliber round like 5.56 or a 7.62 atm. Today helmets are good for small caliber and pistol caliber and to stop shrapnels etc.

      Even if helmet stops a 7.62 the trauma kills the soldier. Earlier the heavy metallic helmets used to deflect some big rounds but the soldiers used to get knocked out for good and that's when they wore oversized helmets, if the helmet was a perfect fit then the skull used to crack open due to dent in helmet

  3. Yes, I know but... Nope Hitesh! This is (near) brand new : US fields two helmets since 2015 that can stand 5.56NATO, Russian 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 all armour-piercing shot point blank! They can also stand .308NATO AP or 7.62x54AP if velocity isn't more than 750m/s.
    Seems protection is really serious as these are now fielded. I've seen some tests in video, this is really impressive.
    Very first Level III, maybe III+ helmets in service.
    Now it's clear that a headshot with .300ultra-mag, .338Lapua, .408CheyTac or .50BMG , you're doomed, thus, these aen't your everyday calibre in hot zones (or even for police activity).
    Now, if you end stunned or K.O. after a headshot, it's always better than a penetration or a big dent cracking your skull.
    These helmets come straight from very last researches in armours.
    Note that even if you wear body armour Level IV plates, you ALWAYS have trauma plates under ;)

    1. Are u talking about those full face cover star wars type helmets which they taunt as future helmets? Heard they were good but never knew they were protecting against 7.62.
      To be true even an Indian army pataka turban has protection from 7.62 mm AK round which is amazing for such a light head protection. Let's see how those new helmets perform on field coz u know there have been times when USA has claimed a lot greater things but in field they all proved to be lies .


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