DRDO PINAKA is one of the systems which has performed really well in past and has impressed the Indian army in past. It proves it worth during kargil where it was used to destroy the enemy occupied posts. 

Even after being so successful till some time ago Indian army was operating 2 regiments of PINAKA MK1 which had a strike range of 40 KMS  and they had also cleared 2 regiments which made it ( 4 cleared regiments ) and this year DAC & MOD cleared 6 more regiments of PINAKA ( read MOD CLEARS ACQUISITION WORTH 82000 crore INR RS ).

On 12 Jan 2016 India successfully test fired guided PINAKA MK2 which have a range of about 65 kms. This has cleared the path for induction ok PINAKA MK2 in Indian army. The Indian army plans to induct these soon.

Now Indian army plans to induct about 22 to 24 regiments of PINAKA by 2026. This is many fold increase to the current number of regiments.

India uses Soviet BM 21 MBRL system many of which are going to be decommissioned in near future and they will be replaced with PINAKA. This is good as it is reducing our dependency on other nations and also giving us better weapon as BM 21 MBRL have range of max 45 KMS with latest rockets which are inferior to even PINAKA MK1 let alone MK2.

Now the aim is to develop PINAKA mk3 which will have a range of 120 KMS and will be like Russian smerch MBRL system which will give India unprecedented artillery power.