BRAHMOS range Increased, to be tested on 10 March

BRAHMOS ( LINK TO POST) which is one of the most feared weapons in Indian Arsenal is now more lethal. Brahmos which is one of the fastest cruise missile in world has been further developed into a more lethal weapon.

When BRAHMOS was initially being developed then the missile was developed with some restrictions, especially range restrictions ( 290 KMS) because India was not a member of MTCR ( MISSILE TECHNOLOGY CONTROL REGIME) which prohibitted RUSSIA which was already a MTRC member to co-develop a missile with range of more than 300 kms.

Till now the range of BRAHMOS was one of the factors which decreased the capabilities of weapon, but as I predicted in past now India has increased the range of the missile as it is MTCR member now.

During AERO INDIA 2017 it was told that a longer range version of BRAHMOS is developed with the range of 450 kms and the testing is to take place on March 10. Also a version with further range enhancement is underdevelopment and it will have a range of more than 800 KMS and is expected to be developed in next two years.

Even the BRAHMOS with range of 290 KMS was considered a very lethal weapon and acted like a deterrent ( more practical one than Nukes) and this extended range will surely give an edge to INDIAN ARMED FORCES.

Along with this the air launched version of BRAHMOS is to be test fired shortly and will be fired most probably by April 2017, dummy tests have been conducted and flight with dummy missile and separation of dummy from the SU 30 MKI- INDIA'S FRONTLINE FIGHTER (link to blog) have been successfully conducted in past few months and few more are slated in near future after which the actual missile will be test fired from Su 30 MKI.

Waiting for the test to be conducted and will surely update u guys about it.