As I reported in February in my post "BRAHMOS range Increased, to be tested in March" that the range of BRAHMOS is being extended and that test will be done in March. 

Well today the land attack version with range extended to 450 KMS was test fired today from the coast of Odissa. The missile was fired from an autonomous launcher vehicle and it intercepted the electronic target with high precision.

The extended range was achieved with help of minor modifications and it has no negative impact over the performance of missile.

 The reason why range extension of BRAHMOS is not possible is that now India is a member of MTCR ( MISSILE TECHNOLOGY CONTROL REGIME) which is a group of Elite nations. As India is now a member so all the caps and restrictions of BRAHMOS (which is a joint venture) are now removed and so the range of BRAHMOS which was earlier restricted to less than 300 kms can now be extended without any problem. 

Now as the range of missile has been extended to 450 kms plans to further increase the range to 800+ KMS are in pipeline and within 2 years the new aim will be achieved. 

Other than this the airlaunched version of BRAHMOS missile is to be test fired next month and this will further enhance the capabilities of Indian Airforce.

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