Indian Air Force MMRCA I- All you NEED to KNOW

Indian Medium Multi-role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition which was supposed to provide India with 126 medium multi-role fighter jets for Indian Air Force. The jets were supposed to be a bridge between India's own Light Combat Aircraft (LCA TEJAS) & Indian heavyweight fighter aircraft like Sukhoi 30 MKI.

There were six contenders for the tender F-16,F-18,Mig 35, Saab GRIPPEN C, Eurofighter Typhoon & Dassault RAFALE. These jets were extensively tested and final two contenders were Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon. After the bidding Dassault Rafale emerged as the winner, but due to several issues like the issues in Production of jets in India & Dassault making excuses to avoid technology transfer, Dassault's unwillingness to invest 50% of deal back in India and the cost increases ( from 8.2 billion $ to 28-30 billion US$ in 2014) the deal stalled. 

The Indian govt finally in 2015 withdrew the tender and the deal was cancelled. 

Although later a govt to govt deal between India and France was done in 2016 for supply of 36 Rafale fighters to IAF at the cost of 7.8 billion €, which made it look like a very expensive deal and stupid media and so called defence experts started saying the deal has kickbacks as the original deal for 126 jets was of 8-12 billion dollar and for same worth we were merely getting only 36 jets. Example of one such post is below

Although in my post Rafale Deal Breaking The Deal (click link to read) I explained the cost of the deal and broke the entire complex deal into segments explaining the cost of the deal.

Also what is not told by our media is that the deal which was originally supposed to be of 8-12 billion dollars till 2015 when the tender was retracted had became a 30 billion $ worth due to price increase and inflation so we were not even getting 126 jets for 12 billion dollars. Other than the costs there were several other problems too like France was not agreeing on terms of deal especially when it came to TOT and making a large chunk of fighters in India.

Now seeing the urgent requirement of fighters as IAF required about 400 fighter jets in future India has initiated MMRCA II which is currently being pushed as a priority. In the next post I will discuss about MMRCA II and explain various factors.

Also MMRCA II will not kill Tejas program as most of you would be fearing as MMRCA is a gap between our own LCA and our Sukhoi 30 MKI heavy fighter and will not affect the orders of Tejas ( 40 MK1 and 83 MK1A fixed order till now). Also Tejas mk2 is still few years away so MMRCA will just help in developing Tejas MK2.