All Active BRAHMOS Missile Being Upgraded To Extended Range Configuration

In my post "BRAHMOS EXTENDED RANGE SUCCESSFULLY TEST FIRED" I mentioned that BRAHMOS missile range was extended from its previous range of 290 KMS to 450 KMS. The missile range was increases by doing minor modifications to the missile motor and software, earlier ( before 2016) India was not a part of MTCR ( Missile Technology Control Regime) and this was the reason the range of BRAHMOS had to be limited to 300 KMS because BRAHMOS is a Joint Venture between India-Russia and hence its range had to be limited.

After the successful test firing of the increased range missile the defence forces have decided to upgrade all the active missiles to the new configuration and this will be a big boost for the armed forces as BRAHMOS is not merely a cruise missile but also a strategic weapon and has acted as a deterrent against enemy states.

The missile is considered one of the best and most lethal cruise missile and a very capable system. Its capabilities have made enemies tremble with fear as when army started deploying the missile on China border China opposed it's deployment stating it will cause a power imbalance on borders and India should not deploy this missile in border areas, showing their anxiety.

To know all capabilities of this missile and what makes it so lethal read my post "BRAHMOS - INDO-RUSSIAN SUPERSONIC CRUISE MISSILE"

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