Privatisation in ammunition manufacturing - 3 BILLION Dollar tender open

Indian defence ministry recently issued a tender for private companies for making various types of ammunition within India.

Seeing the shortage of various ammunition within armed forces and with ofb unable to produce the quantity and maintain the quality of ammunition Indian Armed Forces till now had to depend on exports from various countries for ammunition. 

The matter was just becoming worse for decades now as the ammunition shortage was affecting the capabilities of our amred forces. Our WWR or war wastage reserve which should be atleast of 40 days of heavy fighting for many ammunition was below 20 days few years ago and some critical ammunition was even lesser than that required for 8 days of intense warfare.

Seeing all this the present GOVT approved the manufacturing of ammunition by private firms under "MAKE IN INDIA" and for this the Indian firms can form a Joint Venture (JV) with any foreign firm under transfer of technology.

The private firms will provide a range of ammunition from 125 mm anti-tank rounds to 30 mm rounds for BMP and APC for the next decade. This will not just help in reducing the dependence of armed forces on OFB ( many of which are inefficient) and imports but will also encourage Indian firms to join defence manufacturing. 

Also the competition will force the incompetent OFB to step up their game and we might see some big positive changes in these GOVT organisations.