Who used Chemical Weapons in Syria? - MY THEORY

On April 04 2017 it was reported that another war-crime has been committed in Syria and this has been reported as one of the deadliest chemical attack in Syria after a similar chemical attack in 2013.

According to current information the town of KHAN SHAYKHUN in Syria witnessed airstrikes by unknown armed forces and this was followed by chemical poisoning. The used chemical being reported is SARIN and this chemical attack has reportedly killed approximately 100 people with more than 600 others have been injured by this attack.

After the attack was confirmed the American & British Govt. spared no time in blaming the Syrian President Bashar Assad and said that his  forces have committed several war-crimes in Syria.

While the Russian & Syrian Govt. has clearly stated that it has no hand in this attack & also stated that the attack was more of an accident which was triggered when Syrian Airforce destroyed a chemical reserve of  the rebel forces.


This is the first incident in which the American Govt. has responded to and they did it  by attacking Syrian Airforce base with a barrage of missiles on 7th April 2017. The Americans fired 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles from American Navy's two warships on Syrian Airbase of Shayrat with the intent of causing damage to the Syrian Airforce and making the airbase unoperational. Out of the 60  missiles fired one missile experienced a failure and crashed in the sea while the Russians reported that only 23 missiles struck the airbase.

 Although the attack Syrian base looks very successful but America itself has agreed that the Russians were told in advance about the attack and this is the reason why no Russian Soldier was killed, but this also leads me to believing that the attack was useless as Russians had warned the Syrians of the incoming attack and the Syrians had moved their equipment to some other location before the attack. The thing to be noted is that the planes which  were damaged during the attack were reportedly out of action for a long time now and that even after the attack the Syrian Airforce has been using the base and the base is still operational

Russian Govt has openly called this attack as Illegal & Irresponsible and has said that US is one step away from war with Russia.

My Theory -

Now this part is just MY THEORY like several theories on the Internet so discretion is advised (I am open to views in comment section down below)

When I read about someone attacking someone naturally I ask myself few questions like

  • Why would someone do such attack?
  • What are the possible effects of such things?
  • How did it benefit the attacking party?
  • Other Logical Explanations to the same.
Now when I carefully thought all of these questions with respect to this incidents the following questions struck my mind
  • Why would Assad attack civilian population instead of rebel militants?
  • Why would Russia which is dealing with global sanctions and has a weak economy try to spark a possible war with America & UN?
  • Why would any Govt. do such a thing which can lead to its dethronement? 

After answering these questions I came to a conclusion that Assad did not do chemical attacks and nor did Russia attack because they neither had any motive nor did it benefit them in any way. 

Then I asked another important question which was Who else had a motive and could be benefited from this attack? 

The answer to this question is America & its allies are a possible  party which can reap benefit from such attack (I am not saying they did but its just another theory). The thing which makes me believe this are

  • America's track record-  Remember the, IRAQ Has WMD (Weapons Of Mass destruction) thing? or America using Agent Orange in Vietnam? Or USA using small THERMOBARIC nuclear weapons in Fallujah? US dropping nukes on Japanese Civilian Population during WW2?

    itself has a long record of war crimes and those all crimes are proved but they are always blaming others without any evidence. The attack on Iraq alone caused more than half million war casualties directly and this figure is said to be understated by experts.
  • America had motive- since the beginning America has been trying to dethrone the present elected Govt in Syria. Such an attack can call unrest among the civilian and this can well be used to dethrone Assad.
  • No Evidence has been presented- Even when the American Govt wasted no time in blaming Syrian & Russian even after so many days have not presented a single evidence that Assad or Russia was involved in chemical attack.

I would really love to hear it from you guys, do post your views and opinion about this & if u liked this blog hit the like button and share the link. Do follow to stay updated.
DISCLAIMER- This is just MY THEORY, I do not blame any citizen of any state with this post. I just find American Government attacking Syrian Airbase without any evidence of Syrian Involvement.


  1. Replies
    1. Actually, you can easily gather evidences that it's a false flag, that white helmets are linked to al-Qaeda, ISIS and also... MI6, Soros and Petrofac.
      Now I don't know if it was a false strike or if 36 of the 59 missiles were shot down by air defence/air force but I feel to say false strike as there are anti-bunker warheads for Tomahawks while classic charges were used against hardened aircraft shelters. If you don't use anti-runway missiles like the MBDA Apache, you also won't distrurb an airbase activity (5 Apaches, each with 10 submunitions => you can rebuild all your runway, including the deepest of its foundations. Russians were warned of the strikes so everything able to fly moved prior to the attack.
      Now, this may be interestin as, like for the A-10 attacking SAA in Deir Ezzor, so allowing to avoid a counterproductive ceasefire in Aleppo which would have helped the jihadists to reorganise and made SAA lose momentum, this strike allowed to avoid the useless peace talks with reprsentatives of jihadists here on the behalf o their Saudi, Turkish or Qatari backers which, although in a more and more critical condition, still go on with the "Assad must go" litany.
      Now, it also has boosted Raytheon's share at NYSE...
      So, I may be wrong as Spicer said the strike meant to destabilise Syria (but... which Syria? Maybe also impressing Xi-Ping as he was visiting? Or feed the monster of domestic politics?) but it gives me the impression of... the story of the bird in "My name is nobody"

  2. Thats why you remain a ill informed Indian. What a liar. Retards like you should be jailed for inciting hatred.

    Amazing imagination..only from Indian nationalists.

    1. Want to counter it then come up with ur own sensible theory mate, don't open Ur mouth just to spill crap like u do most time on yt and other platforms.

    2. As for my theory it has been supported by many, similar conclusion have also been reached by experts round the globe and even in USA.

  3. I think it was done to give a message to North Korea which was preparing​ to conduct Nuclear test at that time.

    1. But that too didn't prove to be effective as N.Korea still attempted the tests even though they were not a huge success.


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