Nirbhay Cruise missile to be test fired 5th time in coming months

As I discussed about what Nirbhay Cruise Missile is and how it had been failing in 4 previous tests ( the last one being in Dec 2016 was a failure too) there were discussions that the program may be shut down because of multiple failures and also because now India can Extend the range of BRAHMOS and now we will not require another complimentary missile for long ranges but DRDO is planning on doing another test of BRAHMOS.

According to DRDO armed forces have been pushing for earlier than wanted trials of the missile and have been forcing for trials even when DRDO itself accepted that there are faults and bugs in navigational software.

DRDO back then wanted ARMY to give it few more months before doing the trials as it wanted to rectify the software and dish out the bugs but it claims that it wasn't given the time to do so and so the test had to be a failure, but there is a twist, last test did not fail due to navigational issue but due to a hardware issue and DRDO has accepted that.

Now this can be potentially the last trial of the missile as if it fails the program may be shut down. Nomatter whether we like it or not but a long range cruise missile is needed and BRAHMOS even with extended range is not always a solution as the role of supersonic and subsonic missiles vary too. We can't use BRAHMOS for all things and missions. Also the range of BRAHMOS is quite not equal to the range of Nirbhay as of now. At current the BRAHMOS in service and production are being upgraded for 450 KMS range and it will take about 2 years before they have capabilities to strike 600-800 KMS away.

Currently preparations are being done for the 5th trial of Nirbhay and we hope it will be successful. Failures surely are a part of the journey but too many failures too are not good. We hope that this test will be a successful one. 
Will update after the test is conducted.