Indigenous NAG Anti Tank Missile Successfully test fired

The INDIAN 3rd gen anti-tank missile NAG MISSILE (link to article) was successfully test fired yesterday in desert area of western Rajasthan.

The missile successfully engaged and destroyed its target.The missile uses an 8 kg tandem warhead and the missile uses a top attack method which makes it less susceptible to interception by enemy countermeasures and top area is generally the weakest area of tanks or armoured vehicles.

The range of  NAG land version is about 4 kms and last year the NAG successfully intercepted its target during night trials at full range of 4 kms, although previously the nag has failed to hit target during day trials at max range and the reason was that its Infra red seeker resolution was not appropriate resolution and was unable to discriminate between target and surrounding when the target was left in open for long and its temp was nearly same,to deal with this issue now a seeker with higher resolution has been developed which can distinguish targets at longer ranges, also during the peak heat times of 11AM-3PM DRDO has reduced the max range of missile to 3.2-3.4 kms (this  is  only for peak  hours). 

With this success the NAG is nearing its induction and other variants like HELINA (Helicopter Launched NAG) and Man portable NAG under development, this will rove to be a very effective solution for anti armour weapon. It will arm not just infantry soldiers but our mechanised infantry and also our attack helicopters. NAG will add India in small group of elite nations with their own anti-tank weapon.


  1. I really think that India should highly begin to consider competing against the US sales on EU market, especially since now, USA and UK have been deemed unreliable partners. Moreovery, as it's now official, thanks to the Perfid Albion's BrExit not entitled to veto it again, the building of the EU-Army is now officially stated.

    Thus, I can't tell if there'd be room for NAG or any others, it'd take too much time for me to take a look at the specs of any ammo on market but one thing is sure : we're buying most of our guided bombs from the US as they'd be too expensive to produce in the EU.

    A product that could REALLY achieve gigantic sales would be if DRDO dev'd something like the LOGIR (Low-Cost Guided Imaging Rocket)
    Thus, instead of being fit on Hydra70, Canadian CRV7 should be considered, being the NATO standard and much more powerful, being able to pierce a T-72 hull without even with an inert warhead.
    Zunis, Russian S-8, S-13 and why not rad rockets should be considered too.
    The only reason LOGIR program was scrapped was due to the fact it was too cheap at $5k/unit and public-funded while Lockheed, Raytheon, etc hit the market with $30k laser-beam riding near similar products, although not 'fire and forget'. Note that LOGIR was supposed to be produced in Korea too, so with the habitual 'American-first', despite Raytheon and Lockheed came with really inferior and 6x more expensive APKWS-II and DAGR...

    DRDO should really consider filling such a gap! A CRV7 costs about $2.3k/unit. Any 50y old TOW costs +double than fitting a CRV7 with a LOGIR.
    If fielded, it can be used as much as an ATGM in some discarding tube, as a cost effective substitute to Javelin but IMHO, the use in air support is even more promising while you +/- fill a pod of 19 CRV7/LOGIR for the price of a single Brimstone and it'd be 15x cheaper than a Hellfire.
    When you know that Brits used $140k Brimstones against Da'ish technicals...

    Pods of 32 CRV7/S-8 and 12 Zuni/S-13 should be considered, maybe even proposing these as combos with a drop tan (think Matra JL-100).
    Thinking about these directly integrated on Mirage-2000 and Rafale could greatly help as France is implied in many anti-terrorist operations worldwide and we're not the only ones.
    Such an asset would allow to keep safe from ManPADS or AA-guns while demolishing dozens of vehicles (MBT, IFV, Technicals), combat posts etc, in a cost-effective way, at the same time, for ground troops, it'd devastated SVBIEDs before reaching and for the navy, to get rid of risks like swarm attacks.

    DRDO should highly consider to create a MER (multiple ejector rack) for Rafale able to carry 8-12 SDB/KAB-100 etc. BTW, if they have a KAB-100 copy to propose and it to be affordable (i.e. $15k/unit), I think most of EU nations or the a-coming centralised pool-fund are likely to be very very interested.

    EU would surely be interested by such assets! Budgets can't afford the kind of stockpile US have, thus, to make their GBUs affordable, we'd have to stockpile like they do.
    Domestic production would be even costlier, so is reserved to real high end like AASM Hammer.
    Actually, I'd highly consider filling this gap by buying from the Russians but being NATO will make Murican russophobia go bonkers, then you can expect serious pressures from them which can go as far as smuggling terrorists.
    I'm confident that India could help a lot in such a domain, especially if a LOGIR-like system was created for CRV7 due to the numerous daeshbags and other qaedans to take out : we can't afford to use $80-140k PGMs to take out some Toyota HiLux stuffed with a ZU-23-2 or a double KPV with 3 enturbaned loonies onboard.

    1. actually we are not allowed to. we have strict rules when it comes to export of offensive weapons. we might sell helicopters and all but its always problematic for us to sell missiles and all as our industry is allowed only to sell limited weapons to limited nations. yes we did increase the percentage of production which can be exports.

      In future there is hope though.


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