DRDO MUNTRA - India's first unmanned armoured vehicle platform

The Combat Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE) has developed and tested India's first unmanned armoured tracked platform which is called DRDO MUNTRA.


The unmanned armoured vehicle was developed keeping in mind the requirements and needs of the army but it has started generating interests in paramilitary forces as well which can seek its use in naxal affected areas.
Muntra till now has 3 variants developed which have various operational uses, the variants being

  • Muntra-S - this is the surveillance variant which can be fitted with  various optics, sensors and cameras and can be used for spying on targets as far away as 15 kms.It also has a surveillance radar which allows it to perform area surveillance.
  • Muntra-M - this variant  is specifically meant for locating mines and will help  in clearing minefields, also this can be used in naxal affected areas where naxals have started using IED and mines. This will be a lifesaver for vehicles and convoys.
  • Muntra-N - this variant is capable of performing operations in NBC environment which has been affected by some nuclear or chemical or even biological weapon or some sort of accident. This way we do not need to send our men inside the affected area for surveillance.
Till now Muntra has exhibited these 3 possible usages but in my opinion an armed variant of it can also be developed which can be effectively used as an attack platform. it can be equipped with a RCWS (remote controlled weapon station) which can be equipped with various weapons such as medium to heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and even anti armour missiles like nag. 

Muntra has been under testing and has been tested in harshest conditions including operation at temperatures of above 52 degrees in which the performance of vehicle was as desired and it was operated very comfortably.

The MUNTRA platform employs a wide range of technologies and sensors and incorporates various electro optical, electro mechanical and communication. The sensors are fused together to enhance the capabilities of the platform. Also in case of system failures various fail safe systems have been put  in place to ensure the safe working and operational survivability of platform.


Muntra will provide armed forces with a platform for many futuristic ground vehicles and even though it still has a long way to go it proves that DRDO is capable of developing futuristic technologies for armed forces.

**Note- many defence channels and site and even media have called it a tank, to clear things out muntra is not a tank but a UGV or unmanned ground vehicle. Currently no tank related muntra development is present.