DRDO starts development of a MR-SAM - MOU SIGNED WITH INDIAN ARMY

DRDO has signed a MOU or Memorandum Of Understanding with Indian army for the development of a MR-SAM or medium range surface to air missile which will be co-developed in collaboration with Israeli Aeronautical Industry (IAI).

The MR-SAM will have range of  50-60 kms and will be all weather capable system which will have the ability to engage multiple targets at one time. The MR-SAM being developed will also be able to engage enemy ballistic missiles and the cruise missiles along with aircraft and drones. The ability to shoot ballistic missiles will be a big boost to Indian Army's offensive capabilities as it will provide army with a safeguard against Pakistani tactical nukes. 

Currently army is planning to have 5 regiments of this new MR-SAM which will provide teeth to Indian Army on both frontiers.The system will consists of a command and guidance centre, radar vehicle and 4 launcher vehicles with 3 missiles on each vehicle.

The signing on MOU marked the starting of development of the missile. The requirement of MR-SAM has been long felt by the army, in recent times DRDO has put lot of efforts in field of Sam development like work on Aakash Mk 2, DRDO qr-sam, this new MR-SAM and also army has been acquiring quite some systems including S-400 which is the world's best SAM system. These SAM will ensure that Indian airspace is safe and secure.

The new configuration of the SAM system will provide additional mobility to army and unlike the MR-SAM of the Indian Airforce it will have capabilities to support the offensive core of the army. With these new Air defence systems being inducted and developed we can now phase out old soviet systems which today are obsolete or ineffective. The new SAM will be inducted in army after some years which will be a big boost to armed forces.