Navy rejects KA 226-T starts hunt for 110 light utility helicopters worth 5B $

Indian Navy which for years have been facing hindrances in operations due to lack of helicopters on it battle ships has now rejected the Kamov Ka 226-T which has been selected by Indian Army and Indian Airforce.

The Kamov Ka 226-T Light utility helicopter has been rejected as it is unable to fulfill the required criteria like

  1. kamov ka 226-T does not have folding rotor blades as required by navy.
  2. It is not suitable for carrying weapons like torpedoes & depth charges which is crucial as helicopters play vital rile in anti-submarine operations.
  3. The size of Kamov Ka 226-T and the configuration of  its blades (one over other) makes it unsuitable for ship operations and it cannot be kept inside a ship's hangar facility.

Before this navy has also rejected indigenous ALH or HAL DHRUV  as it's multirole helicopter as it was unable to fulfill the required criteria. Also it was deemed unsuitable because the category in which Dhruv falls itself is not what navy requires. Navy requires a multirole helicopter which falls in a heavier category and for that purpose HAL is developing IMRH or Indian Multirole helicopter.

For light utility helicopter though navy has started hunt for 110 helicopters and the deal could be worth 5 billion dollar.The procurement of these helicopter will follow new strategic partnership policy guidelines and an Indian private defence firm will manufacture the helicopters in India. 

Out of 110 helicopters some 30 will be bought straight from the foreign manufacture and rest 80 will be made in India and this  is  basically done to fast track the procurement of the helicopters as navy intends to induct these by 2025. 

These LUH will help the navy's growing fleet and will provide navy with additional teeth against the Chinese navy submarines. Helicopters are an essential part of anti submarine capabilities and without these the fleet of surface ships are more vulnerable to enemy submarines.



  1. Eurocopter NH-90 Caiman? It's already in service in 14 armies/navies, AS565 Panther, a derivate from AS365 Dauphin (Delfin) is also very appreciated (8-9 navies use it, incl. Israel) and EC-225 Super-Puma is also an export success.
    It's clear that Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk or CH-53 Super-Stallion are pretty interesting too, but the prices, especially since Lockheed-Martin bought Sikorsky, are really became totally bonkers, I've heard about 'just' $85M for last CH-53 version! Thus, as LM gear flies on bribes, anything is possible...

    1. The latest marine version of CH53 will cost 130 million dollars, that's more exp than a f35.

      That's just unacceptable

  2. Gosh, already at $85M, I considered it as a scam. Visibly, it's what USN will pay, export prices are always higher.
    Now it's $70M for a stupid F-16V... They are fucking kidding!

    1. it is a scam. who will buy a heli at 130 million, oh usa will.


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