Govt clears Apache helicopters for Army Aviation Corps

As reported by me earlier in post "INDIAN ARMY TO GET ITS OWN FLEET OF APACHE AH-64 E" that Indian army has long been wanting to acquire attack helicopters and after the 22 Apache helicopters were ordered by government a tug war initiated between army and airforce for the control of these attack helicopters. The government later decided that the 22 Apache helicopters which were ordered would go to airforce but that the army can have its own fleet of helicopters and that future attack helicopters would be given to army as they were more useful for army operations.

When those 22 Apache were ordered the contract had a clause for a follow up order of 11 more attack helicopters and army was pushing for the acquisition of 11 Apache helicopters but this was again being opposed by IAF. The govt now has finally approved the purchase of Apache helicopters for Indian Army but the number has been reduced to 6 instead of the 11 possible.

The Apache along with the weapons package of hellfire missiles etc will cost INR 4168 Crores (this is the entire package cost and not just helicopter cost). The original contract was worth about 13,952 crore Rs and included 22 Apache Ah-64 E attack helicopters, 812  hellfire longbow missiles,542 AGM hellfire II missiles, 245 Stinger missiles and 12 longbow fire control radars and the deliveries of first Apache is scheduled from 2019 (original order).

Other than these 6 heavy attack Apache helicopters army aviation corps also has an order of 114 "HAL LCH"  & about 60 HAL RUDRA.

With army getting its own attack helicopters the efficiency of the operations will be better as when needed the heli would be deployed much faster and effectively. This will also strengthen IAAC anti-armour capabilities.


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