Ballistic testing underway for procurement of 186000+ bullet proof jackets.

Last year army placed an emergency SOS order of 50000 bullet proof jackets and during January 2017 an order for 1.58 LAKH LIGHTWEIGHT MODERN HELMETS was placed by govt and the deliveries of the same started some time ago.

As the Indian army is in dire need of more modern bullet proof jackets and there is an immediate projected requirement of about 1.8 lakh modern bullet proof jackets.

The jackets which were used earlier are bulky and restrict soldier's movement and also don't provide 360 degree protection to the soldier so army for long has been trying to get new jackets.

Currently as per news the army is doing ballistic testing of jackets offered by various Indian vendors for the procurement of over 186000 or 1.86 lakh jackets. These jackets are better than the previously used jackets in terms of movement, weight and also the level of protection.

Govt plans to equip each and every soldier with modern BPJ and modern lightweight combat helmets in near future. While the DELIVERIES OF LIGHTWEIGHT MODERN HELMETS have started, for the bigger order  of  the BPJ the testing of various jackets is underway. As per previous defence minister the testing was in advance ballistic stages and that soon the selection of the jackets is possible.

Modern helmets and BPJ are a basic part of a soldiers gear and are a must for any standing army. These are just as vital as the gun is. These new life saving equipment will save lives of several of our brave soldiers which will be able to operate much more effectively after getting these.



  1. Woah, this seems to be a large sum of money that India is spending on its defense. Let the time decide if this turns out to be a fruitful deal for the Indians or not.


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