Hello friends this is an unusual post which is related to the site itself.  As you know I started this site as a hobby as well as a project to spread awareness about Indian defence and Armed forces. 

Its about a year now since the site has been active and I would say that I am blessed to have such an amazing audience. Yes there are several people who do not like what I do (ahm ahm neighbors) but the number of people who have been actively supporting the site has been much more and I feel that is more important.

Lately I have done some good  amount of work to the site itself as I have changed the interface of the site and made it much more user friendly, it is a never ending process and i would keep continuing that.

These things aside the reason i am writing this post is to inform you that now I am also planning to launch a YouTube channel because the primary goal is to target as much audience as I can, as the number of people like me (who prefer reading more than videos is limited and as YT is rapidly replacing the printed media).

Rest assured this YT channel will not be a hindrance to the main site itself but will more be like a complimentary source.

I would really like to know your feedback so kindly provide that in comments and i will tell you guys as soon as i am done creating the YT channel. Also give reviews about  the newer interface in comments.