Brahmos air variant successfully test fired from Su 30 MKI

Brahmos air variant was successfully test fired today from a SU 30 MKI aircraft.

The missile successfully hit a ship which was placed 280 KMS away.

With the successful launch now brahmos is a complete system which can be fired from land, sea and air. Although full detailed reports are awaited but sources have confirmed that the missile test was successful.

The air variant of missile will go a series of more tests before being inducted into the force.

Successful integration of missile is a milestone as no other nation possesses such capability till now.


  1. Do you know if BrahMos/BrahMos-NG will finally be integrated on Rafale?
    If yes, it could even be proposed to France as a new anti-ship missile!
    Exocets are getting a bit old, even if these were upgraded while MdCN is unlikely to get an airborne version. Neither of both are supersonic.
    Thus, France could perfectly have its supersonic anti-ship missile :
    When ASMP-A was introduced, Navy brasses wanted to convert ASMP as an anti-ship missile but government chickened out by fir a launch might be misinterpreted for a nuclear attack. ASMP ranges 300km and ASMP-A ranges 500km (maybe more?) and both would be perfect for anti-ship use but well, seems that they feared to field such asset while it could even sell great.

    1. Yes a mini brahmos version or NG is being developed for even fitting into Tejas so yes we will most probably fit it into Rafale too, that's more possible if IN selects Rafale for AC ops.
      But I doubt we will offer it to French or any other as for sale of BRAHMOS Russian permission is also required.

      Yes it will be a deadly anti-ship missile that's for sure.


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